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Right of withdrawal 

Withdrawal instruction 

Right of withdrawal 
You can cancel the contract within to 14 calendar days without indication of reasons in text form (e.g. letter, fax, E-Mail) or by return of the goods. The cooling-off period shall begin on the day you receive this instruction. Observance of the deadline is understood to mean a declaration of the cancellation within the specified period or return of the goods to:

Polmann Services
Jorge Polmann
Zusamstr. 12
86424 Dinkelscherben,

Telephone: 0049-(0)8292-9512422

E-Mail: info@polmannservices.com

Withdrawal sequences 
In case of an effective withdrawal the both sides received service are to be refunded. In case you cannot refund the received goods entirely or partially or only in the worst condition, you should pay the indemnification according to the value of goods. This does not apply if the damages of the goods are made by their control - as it could happen in the shop. However, you can avoid a duty of compensation of value if you will not use the product as your property and omitting every action, which impairs their value. The products that can be sent as a package by post have to be sent back. The products which cannot be sent as a package will be fetched. On Obligations for refunding of payments you must fulfil within 30 days after sending of your withdrawal. 

Special Advice: 
Your right of withdrawal expires prematurely, if your contract partner has initiated services prior to the withdrawal deadline upon your expressed consent, or if you yourself requested such service (i.e. downloading and activating Sysfilter software, which could be tested 28 days for free).