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What are Sysfilter Programs? 

Sysfilter programs are filter programs. They prepare the texts that are compiled in various software programs such that these can be processed with standard software. The texts can be translated with MS Word, an XML-Editor or any of the currently available translation tools. Once the texts have been translated the filter programs then ensure that they are then returned to their original format.

Besides the text transfer functions, each filter also offers other unique functions. 

When and how did the idea come about?

After many years of working in the IT field of a small translation agency and later in one of the largest translation companies in Germany, the software developer Wilhelm Polmann, saw that there were often dull and tedious tasks that could only be carried out manually. Automation of such procedures would enable the protagonists to use their time more usefully and efficiently, for example, to discuss new ideas with colleagues, work on correspondence or simply to take a coffee break.

Since July 2002 Sysfilter programs have been developed and sold which make the work procedures in the translations sector much easier.


Possible cost savings

High levels of savings are made possible using our Sysfilter programs.

Here follows a table of potential time saving that can be achieved in translation project in Sysfilter formats.





Time saving in %

Translation of texts exported with Sysfilter instead of translation in DTP programs:

-    with a text processing program

-    with Translation Memory Systems (for existing translations in the data base)

up to 60 %

up to 95 %

-    with automatic translation programs

-    familiarization of translators with new DTP programs

up to 95 %

100 %

 Terminology: compilation of lists

 up to 85 %

Layout / DTP work with the texts imported with Sysfilter 

 up to 95 %

 Correction procedures / quality checks 

 up to 80 %


Expressed in figures:

Example: For an hourly rate of 40.00 EURO and a saving of at least 20 minutes per file:

Files to be processed

Time saved

Costs saved

100 files*

33 h

1,320.00 Euro

1000 files*

330 h

13,320.00 Euro

10,000 files*

3300 h

132,000.00 Euro


* Example of savings in data handling, translation process, DTP tasks, quality checks etc. for Visio®-, InDesign®-, Illustrator®-, Photoshop®-, CorelDraw®-files; from approx. 10 text positions per data unit.

In the above table, the values shown are average values. Determination of values is based on our experience. An illustrator document for example can contain a simple graphic with only 2 text positions or an explosion drawing with 10 language layers each with 50 text positions.

Who uses the Sysfilter programs?

Around 1000 companies, foreign languages departments, technical editors and translators have been using our filters for years: References

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