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Problems with Adobe Illustrator (64bit version)

Sysfilter License Transfer

Sysfilter for Illustrator:

No text exported! What can I do?


Use the brand new filter Sysfilter TC for Adobe Illustrator 2022.

When using previous version you could try this:


Select the right Adobe Illustration version which is intalled on your computer:

In Sysfilter go to Tools -> Options -> Settings  -> Illustrator version


If you are using the 64 Bit version of Adobe Illustrator:
Have you activated the checkbox for the 64 Bit version of Sysfilter for Illustrator.
Did you also entered the right path to the 64 Bit installation ?



On some systems there are problems using the 64 Bit versions of Illustrator. Espacially after Windows 10 updates.
In these cases, we recommend to use the 32 Bit version of Illustrator:

Download page:

Download link (Adobe Illustrator CC 2018):


If you want to install and use your already activated Sysfilter software on a new PC you have the possibility to transfer your license. If you transfer the license, the activation on your previous computer will be deleted. The software will be changed again into the test mode.

On the target machine, the same Sysfilter version should be installed. A transfer using different versions is not supported.

To transfer your license, proceed as follows:

1. Start the Sysfilter program on your "old" computer.

2. To do so, go to the main menu and click "?" and then "Register software". The activation screen will be displayed.

3. Click the link "Transfer license".

4. Use the field "Enter software code of the target PC:" to enter the software code of the new PC.

5. After that click on the "Transfer license" button.

6. The bottom text field now shows the new activation key.

7. Use this activation key to activate the software on the target PC. Note down this key or copy it into an e-mail.